The OBIE Board and Candybar BINGO Administrator

The OBIE Board is a multi-featured software system that is used to enhance cognitive skill sets in all individuals but specifically seniors. The software provides assessments, skills development, and reporting / measurements. The software also has adaptive features so that individuals with disabilities can use it.


CandyBarBINGO is a game developed for seniors that include technology, inter-generational interactions with a traditional entertainment game. The Administrator Software allows the facilitator to interact with the participants that use the obie boards as well as the ability to monitor the cognitive development progress of the participants.


Using Technology to improve Cognitive Skills

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How It Works!

The Obie Board

The OBIE Board software allows users to participate in entertainment and gaming events electronically using the interactive game boards found in the software. Users can choose their activities, link in with the administrator board and be in sync with the facilitator. The board has text to speech capabilities, touchscreen capabilities, artificial intelligence to allow individuals with physical disabilities to still utilize its functions. 

Candy Bar BINGO Administrator

CandyBarBINGO Administrator Software allows the administrator to facilitate activities and interact with participants using the Obie Board.  The administrator software allows for monitoring of activities, viewing reports and assessments of the cognitive progress for each individual.


About Us

PSA's Past, Present and Future

Founded in Chester County Pennsylvania on August 3, 1992, PSA, Inc. began providing services to the community immediately. First teaming with the Philadelphia Police Athletic League (PAL), PSA sponsored  several basketball tournaments and later trips throughout Pennsylvania including Coatesville and Pittsburgh.  PSA, Inc teamed with Data Friendly, Inc. in the mid-2000's to provide free brand new computers to over 3,000 students in PA, NJ and Washington, DC. Celebrating its 25th year during the summer of 2017, PSA is now committed to serving the senior community by working to combat Alzheimers Disease while simultaneously providing supports for the Autism Community.



"What People are Saying"

"This unique combination of entertainment and technology keeps Atria residents engaged and active"

"It is one of our most successful programs as evident by the resident's enthusiasom as well as it is one of our most best-attended events at the community"

“I like this board, it is a lot of fun”

Honorable Jim Kenney,

Mayor of Philadelphia

Linda Timlin,

Atria Senior Living - Philadelphia

Robert (Obie) Oberholtzer

Namesake of the Obie Board



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